Report: TV Still Dwarfs Facebook As News Source

Facebook lags far behind television as the dominant source of news.

Sure, we get a lot news from links shared on Facebook, but television continues to dominate as the most important source of news, while social networks lag far behind.

The Public Affairs Council found that 70 percent of respondents cited television as their source of news that was important to them, while only one percent mentioned Facebook and other social media sites as their first response, with the number climbing to just eight percent when respondents were asked for a second choice.

Also beating out Facebook as first responses were:

  • Print newspapers or magazines at 12 percent;
  • Online news sources at eight percent; and
  • Radio at seven percent.

In another Facebook-related note from the survey, when asked what measures they had taken to express positive views about a company, only 27 percent of respondents said they had become a fan of the company through Facebook or other social media. More popular answers were:

  • Let friends and family know what you think about the company: 81 percent;
  • Buy more of the company’s goods or services: 66 percent;
  • Send a letter, email, or other communication to the company itself: 37 percent; and
  • Posted positive comments or reviews about the company online: 32 percent.

Readers: Where do you turn for your news?