Facebook News Feed changes include improvements for app developers

Among the changes Facebook announced today regarding News Feed were a number of improvements for app developers, including larger feed stories, an updated games feed and app bookmarks that are visible from any page users navigate to.

The most obvious component of the redesign is how much bigger stories and photos appear in the feed. The example below is full size.

Then there’s the redesigned games feed, which includes activity from friends, such as completing a level, earning an achievement or any other Open Graph actions developers have integrated. The sidebar allows users to quickly access games they’ve recently played and includes suggestions for games to play or games-related fan pages to Like.

Although there isn’t a dedicated feed for non-game apps, stories from music apps can appear in the music feed and posts from photo apps in the photos feed. Other stories will continue to appear in the main News Feed at the same frequency as before, but with new prominence from the updated design.

A change that could increase re-engagement for games and apps is the new permanent bookmarks bar on the left-hand side of the page. Previously, the bookmarks bar on desktop only appeared when users were on News Feed or group pages. Now it remains even when users navigate to their Timeline or other pages, and it looks very much like the mobile bookmarks bar that users are familiar with. This could encourage users to return to apps they’ve previously added

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