Facebook Needs a Faster Newsfeed

Gary Vaynerchuk makes an amazing point about the Facebook newsfeed. He makes his point in reference to Twitter (something I have become increasingly active on). Twitter is instantaneous and very fast. The Facebook newsfeed on the other hand updates every 15 minutes or so. With that type of delay, a market for a faster newsfeed has opened up and right now both Twitter and FriendFeed is filling that void.

Facebook is starting to face competition (no pun intended) from all sides and they are going to be forced to adapt rapidly as they have in the past. This is not to say that Facebook won’t continue to grow and it doesn’t mean the average Joe understands what Twitter or FriendFeed is. It simply means that these new services have exploited weaknesses in Facebook’s system. Facebook has the upper hand though, all they need to do is adapt.

It makes a lot of sense that Facebook’s newsfeed is slow considering all the data they are processing and filtering through their complex algorithm. As I’ve previously stated on the Social Times, without filtering sites like FriendFeed and Twitter become way too cluttered really fast. As such, it’s necessary to filter. So far Facebook does the most effective job of filtering but perhaps they’ve filtered too much. We want more information about our friends!

So Facebook, turn up the volume and give us more of what we want! We want more news about our friends. We can’t get enough. That’s why people keep coming back to the site in the first place. One simple solution would be to add a link which provides an unfiltered newsfeed. Would you find this useful? How could Facebook improve their newsfeed?