Facebook Named “Best Invention” Of The Decade

Facebook has been named as the best invention of the decade, according to a survey conducted in UK. The survey polled more than 1,000 users and asked them to name three of their favorite inventions of the past decade. Around three quarters (73%) of the users termed Facebook to be the best invention of the decade, iPhone was nominated as the second best invention with 62% votes and Twitter stood at number three with 58% votes.

The top ten inventions according to the survey were Facebook (73%), iPhone (62%), Twitter (58%), the MP3 (51%), satellite navigation (46%), iPod (43%), YouTube (39%), high definition television (30%), GHD hair straighteners (23%) and 3D films (19%). Eve Atkins, founded of Offers Supermarket, the website that conducted the survey, said:

As the concept of our website is to offer consumers the top 10 best products available at any given time, which we research for the consumer, we thought it would be interesting to know what the buying public felt the top 10 products of the past decade were. Some of the things in the list have changed the way we live; the Sat Nav, for example, has made travelling much easier.

A few years ago, many consumer surveys termed iPhone as the best consumer invention of the decade. The fact that Facebook now triumphs iPhone in terms of value to consumers, speaks volumes of the growing importance and ubiquity that the social network has achieved in our daily lives. Another take away point from the survey is the revelation that two of the top three inventions are social media sites.

Even within the social media category we could see a big upset, with Twitter at number three spot ahead of Youtube which has been ranked number seven – although Twitter has only a fraction of Youtube’s user base and traffic. One possible reason for this could be that Twitter from its onset was designed as a social system with followers and followings tightly tying users with each other. Youtube on the other hand does not have such tight connections and thrives on users uploading their videos and sharing those of others – who need not be friends or relatives at all.

Another possible reason for the rankings? Perhaps the survey had a strong sampling bias. Whatever the reason, Facebook is number one!