Facebook Music and Movies Goes Live!

There have been rumors circulating for over a year now that Facebook will launch a music feature. Today, Facebook announced that they will be entering the film and music business, competing directly with MySpace’s movies and MySpace’s music features. Both of these new features will be showcased at the SXSW conference next week in Austin Texas. They have also provided a new feature that enables musicians to sell their music on the site.

This new service is direct competition to MySpace and is similar to the service that I had previously announced that they would be revealing. There is no word on whether or not there will be a directory of music and film pages but my guess is that we will see the directory launched in the coming months. Facebook is rapidly launching one service after another that competes directly with MySpace while at the same time maintaining design integrity within the profiles as I announced yesterday.

Eric Eldon suggests that this film feature is an extension for Facebook beyond the alternative news platform that they’ve already generated. This is a launch into new forms of media and I would guess that we will begin seeing widespread adoption. I can see film pages and music pages becoming an integral component of profiles. I would also guess that we will see this addition within the new profile features being rolled out over the coming weeks.

Facebook has partnered with MusicToday, LLC to enable artists to sell there music, something that MySpace has been frequently criticized for. This is big news for Facebook and it will be interesting to see if these pages gain widespread adoption. To see samples of these pages check out the Facebook Film page and the Facebook Music Page.

Facebook’s PR has contacted me and has said that many of these assertions are false. Ultimately Facebook made sample film and band pages. I think that their decision to publish the film and music pages and state that they would be presenting the services at South by Southwest implied that they were announcing the service. Also, they wanted me to clarify that there is no formal partnership with MusicToday, LLC and instead they were simply promoting the application created by them.

A Facebook spokeswoman stated “the pages you see are an education/marketing effort to offer resources to filmakers and musicians and not a new Facebook product.” I guess the rumors snowballed into a large story. I think Facebook’s music pages have been somewhat misleading as well.