Milyoni Rents Horror Flick Exclusively On Facebook

Just in time for Halloween, Facebook commerce provider Milyoni brings a horror flick exclusively to the social network: The Perfect House.

After going through the horror of having its Facebook livestream of Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert canceled the day before the event, Milyoni brought a different type of horror to the social network in the form of the film The Perfect House.

The Perfect House is available for viewing on Facebook for 50 Facebook Credits ($5).

The film was made exclusively for Facebook, and it tells the story of a couple’s dream house and its history. The Perfect House stars Monique Parent, Felissa Rose, and John Philbin.

Social commerce provider Milyoni also offers a catalog of horror films available for streaming via Facebook for 30 to 40 credits, including:

  • Saw;
  • Blair Witch Project;
  • The Orphan Killer;
  • Red Riding Hood;
  • Cube;
  • Leprechaun; and
  • The Dark Knight.

The company’s Social Cinema technology allows people to watch films in groups and enjoy a group discount for up to five friends watching at the same time, during which they can comment on scenes, share clips, and invite others to join.

Milyoni also offers hundreds of films for streaming via Facebook from Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Lionsgate, and independent studios

It’s not the only source of movies on the social network, however. Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures have limited selection of videos for rental on the site.

And category killer Netflix also rents movies on Facebook, except people in the U.S. can’t access the service until certain legal issues clear up.

But Milyoni’s run of The Perfect House appears to be the first full-length feature films to play exclusively on Facebook.

We’re curious to find out what kind of video quality the stream will have, since steaming technology often throws in at least one unintended pause or garbling of audio while the movie plays.

Readers, what have your experiences been so far with streaming video on Facebook?

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