Facebook Moved Some Staff Into New Menlo Park Office

Facebook has moved an initial group of employees into part of its new campus in Menlo Park -- and we've got photos of the new digs.

Facebook has moved the first of group of employees into its new campus in Menlo Park, California.

This isn’t an early move-in, as the company had mentioned it would phase-in the move over the course of a year.

TechCrunch discovered that Facebook Product Architect Aaron Sittig posted a photo album late on July 21 entitled Building 10 at Night, and captioned “”Taken just after the first group moved in.”

He posted 27 photos, some showing very colorful new furniture, others revealing unfinished areas of the interior — which may remain in that condition, if Facebook’s digs in Palo Alto are any indication — and at least one relic of the previous occupant, Sun Microsystems.

We’ve reproduced some of these images for you here, along with Sittig’s captions — but bear in mind that he didn’t caption every single one. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

The turnstiles use lasers to detect if you walked through without badging in. Lasers!

Climbing rope screens

Some of the windows are glazed so that they appear purple at night. Looks kinda rad.

In the IT help zone.

Small hidden nook. Non-schedulable. Awesome.

The black surfaces are chalkboard paint.

We reused some of the Sun conference room sliding doors and left the logos there.

During the day, there’s good light coming from the skylight above.

Different soft seating areas were defined by different approaches and structures. Hopefully this will protect them from invasion by desk.

We’re deploying a new conference reservation system at the new campus. It’s supposed to be backed by a fancy facilities database so tools can be built on top of it. Could be a good new campus hackathon project.

IT Help desk rollup door.