How To Make Money On Facebook Using Payvment

The owner of the Facebook page College Hautees shares pointers on how to make money using Payvment commerce software.

We asked the owner of College Hautees, Tamina Madsen, about how she has become so successful at selling tee-shirts on a Facebook page equipped with Payvment software.

Tell us a little bit about your background, and how you got started in the fashion business.

I am actually a lawyer who wanted a career change after several stressful years of practicing litigation. I attended University of California, Berkeley as an undergraduate, and UCLA for law school.

I never used to wear anything bearing my schools’ logos because none of the options available to women were flattering or fashionable. I decided to stay true to my love of fashion and launch an online store that would be the destination for female students and alumnae who want to simultaneously show off their school pride and their unique sense of style.

So what would a shopper expect to find at College Hautees?

The wordplay in College Hautees evokes haute or fashionable tees and other basic apparel for the modern young woman. We sell off-the-shoulder tees, sweater dresses, tube tops, crop tops, and deep v-necks all bearing officially licensed university logos.

All of our logo products are feminine and fashionable. However, we understand that not everyone wants to wear their school’s name plastered over their chests every day.

So we also have our Haute Basic line, which features high quality, ultra-soft, on-trend basics in both general and school colors, including shoulder-baring sweatshirts and dresses, French terry hoodies, and slub tank tops.

We sell products from multiple brands in order to give our customers a variety of stylish options. Any products we sell must be fashion-forward and unique.

Our customers should absolutely expect other women to stop them on the street and ask, “Where did you get that top?”

We currently sell officially licensed products for Cal Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Arizona State, and San Diego State. We are working on representing more schools as our company grows.

How did you find Payvment?

I knew that I wanted to sell on Facebook because Facebook is inextricable from the day-to-day lives of my target demographic. I Googled “Facebook shopping carts” and found an article about “F-commerce” and Facebook shopping applications, including Payvment. I liked the streamlined Payvment interface, and when I found out that it was free, I decided to go with it!

How has Payvment fit in to your marketing and sales strategy?

Most of my marketing is already on Facebook because that is where my customers are, and it allows me to easily locate university students and alumnae. I work hard (and pay a lot!) to attract Facebook users to my Facebook page so they can learn more about my company and the great products we sell. Directing customers to yet another website to actually purchase items is an additional step that no one needs.

Payvment allows seamless integration of my marketing and my store. I also really love how Pavyment helps the word spread when customers “like” products and this is shown on their news feeds. It’s a great free marketing tactic!

What tips or tricks would you share with someone who’s just starting to sell through Payvment?

Give your audience a reason to stay engaged with your page with fun or insightful posts, exclusive discounts, and photo uploads. This helps you appear in Facebook news feeds, which in turn reminds your potential customers about your great products.

Try posting at both different times of the day and on different days of the week to experiment with what gets the most response from your audience.

Many of my customers don’t yet fully grasp the fact that they can actually purchase items within Facebook. It helps to subtly remind them of this on a regular basis. I invite people to click on my shopping tab in my about section on Facebook, as well as in some of my wall posts about my products.

Payvment’s shopping mall is one great way to access potential customers, but it should not be your exclusive marketing outlet. Independent marketing is also probably necessary if you want to increase your sales!

Don’t part of your sales go to a good cause as well?

Yes. We donate a portion of our profits to the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Domestic Violence Project, which provides legal assistance to victims of domestic violence. We’re also proud to say that all of our collegiate logo apparel is made right here in the USA.

This guest post was put together by Payvment.