Facebook Mobile Social Reporting: Tool to Help Get Posts & Photos of You Removed

Facebook introduced two new privacy and security features that can be accessed from its mobile friendly website (m.facebook.com).

1. Mobile Social Reporting
2. Mobile Password Reset

Mobile Security Updates

The mobile password reset looks straight-forward enough. The person who cannot remember his or her Facebook password provides one of these pieces of information to get a link to recover a password: Email address, phone number, Facebook username, your name or a friend’s name. It is not clear what happens with the latter two options.

The Mobile Social Reporting option deals with requests to remove photos or posts about the person reporting the issue. Facebook does not get directly involved in the dispute. Its tools merely sends the request to the person who posted the offending item. Facebook claims that almost 70% of disputes have been resolved using the tool. Hoewver, it does not say what happens to the 30% of cases that are not resolved after the request is made.

Via All Facebook: Reset Facebook Passwords From Your Mobile Device