Facebook Mobile Population Just a Bit Smaller Than Mexico

Right or wrong I think of Facebook as the AOL for the 21st century. It has the kind of gated walled garden feel that AOL had in the early 1990s. Its most ardent users appear to be happy to stay inside of its walls without venturing out into the web at large. And, why not. Facebook has its own interaction, games, apps, and even full website like areas for companies and individuals. But, for me, Facebook remains an oddity. I can never understand what is going on everytime it changes its design. And, I can never figure out how to respond to people who comment on the Twitter tweets that I have auto-posted there to let Facebook-only friends know what I am up to. But, I am obbviously in the minority of people who don’t “get” Facebook because Facebook says…

Facebook Mobile: 100 Million and Growing

Yep, they say 100 million people are actively using Facebook on a mobile device using either their mobile friendly m.facebook.com site, text messages, or platform specific Facebook apps (like the ones for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows Mobile).

If the Facebook mobile population were a country, it would be bigger (more populated) than the Philippines and just a bit smaller than Mexico. Wow.

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