Facebook mobile drives 51% of referrals


Shareaholic, a content discovery and sharing platform, found in a recent report that 51 percent of Facebook referrals come from mobile.

The new findings are a follow-up to Shareaholic’s October report, which includes four extra months of data. What they found is that Facebook mobile is sending more referrals, meaning the mobile base continues to grow along with Facebook’s overall user base.

They also found:

  1. Since September, the share of visits from Facebook mobile increased 197 percent.
  2. Overall, Facebook mobile drove 8.25 percent of the visits Shareaholic’s network of 200,000+ sites reaching 250+ million uniques received in January.
  3. Since Facebook’s total share of visits was 16.21 percent, mobile made up more than half (nearly 51 percent) of Facebook referrals.


What does this mean for Paper and WhatsApp? Danny Wong, Shareaholic’s marketing manager, told Inside Facebook:

It’s amazing that Facebook mobile has such a dynamic number in traffic. It really shows where Facebook is headed. If you look at Paper, it’s beautiful for reading long-form content. Users are now spending more time online reading what’s sourced from Facebook. A lot of credit is due to the algorithm recommending which friends to interact with and what stories to read.

Wong added that Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp shows that the social network is very much a mobile business and predicts that the app may soon serve Facebook ads. WhatsApp noted in late 2012, ‘we don’t sell ads,’ and said it wouldn’t happen in their their acquisition announcement.

Will they renege and become a platform for Facebook to shell out its ever-profitable mobile ads? Who knows? Your guess is probably as good as mine.

So, if your business or blog isn’t very mobile friendly, Wong said you’ll want to invest more resources into building a mobile experience your visitors can’t get enough of — or at least one they won’t hate.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.