Facebook Mobile App Advertisers Won’t Lose Their Device-Level Data After All

Social giant switches gears

Facebook said three months ago it planned to take away mobile app-install advertisers' ability to collect device-level data. But money talks, and ad-buying marketers evidently protested enough for the social media giant to reverse course. 

The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company said in an email statement: "We advise our advertisers to apply people-based measurement solutions so they can determine when they're reaching multiple people, not just multiple devices. While we believe device-level reporting is not the most accurate way to properly determine advertising effectiveness, we want to provide advertisers with the choice to measure ads based on what is important to them. In order to provide that choice, we will continue giving advertisers the option to receive device-level reporting from our mobile measurement partners for mobile app ads."

For nearly two years, Facebook has allowed app-install marketers to grab information that helped them determine—among other things—how their ads performed on devices such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxies and HTC Ones. Advertisers have to agree to keep that device-level data to themselves, as Facebook wants brands to focus on other metrics and is wary of privacy concerns. 

When Facebook revealed to marketers its plans to cut off such data while making them focus on campaign-based statistical results, they pushed back, according to a VentureBeat story last month.

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