Facebook Mimics Google+

Google+ continues to mimic Facebook

In its first week, Google+ hasn’t managed to shake the criticism that the social networking site bears an uncanny resemblance to Facebook. However, reviewers and early adopters alike have managed to give kudos to Google for getting some things right. The praise has not fallen on deaf ears over at Facebook.

Facebook engineer Vladimir Kolesnikov is having a little fun with the Google+ creators. In the face of assertions that Google+ is very much Facebook-based, the engineer created a cheeky tool for Facebook that helps users build friend lists more easily, copying Google's praised Circles feature that does the same thing.

The tool is called Circlehack, and it helps users circumvent the unnecessarily arduous process of customizing friend groups in the Facebook platform. TechCrunch reports that the add-on isn’t as sleek as the original Google+ version, but it certainly doesn't hurt Facebook's dominance in the social field.