Facebook Micropayments Arrive

As I previously reported, Facebook is already working on their own payment system for application developers. The new system will most likely be launched during the first quarter of this year. In the meantime, it appears as though application developers now have a new system available for use. The Spare Change application enables your application users to make payments to your application via paypal.

Looking to build an auction in your app? Want to set up a pay-to-play system for your slick social game? Worry no more, as the Spare Change developers have come up with a system for you. Spare change has been highly active in the developer forums over the past few days and as a result they have close to 1,000 active daily users. None of my friends that have added the application have made any deposits though.

In the Spare Change presentation (embedded below), they claim that Super Poke is charging $5 a month to use the application but I don’t see that taking place. Would you ever pay to poke somebody? Perhaps people could begin betting on “poke wars.” One of the most entertaining pieces of the Spare Change presentation is the CSS styling that they will provide to embed a payment button on your site. The button that they display in the presentation is a light blue rectangle that is far from spectacular.

Regardless of style, the Spare Change developers appear to be taking their new system very seriously. It will be interesting to see if anybody adopts this. Do you see any reason for using this application when Facebook is preparing to launch their own payment system for developers?