Facebook Messenger Users in the U.K. and France Can Now Send and Receive Payments

Suggestions from M are available in France for the first time

Pounds or Euros? Facebook

Payments via Facebook Messenger are now available to users in the U.K. (in pounds) and France (in Euros).

The social network also announced that suggestions from M, its virtual digital assistant, are available for the first time ever in France and for payments-related tasks in the U.K.

This week’s launch marks the first expansion of Messenger peer-to-peer payments outside of the U.S., and the features will be rolled out to all users in those two countries “in the coming weeks.”

Facebook provided the following instructions for sending payments via Messenger in a blog post:

To send money:

  1. Start a message with a friend.
  2. Tap the blue + icon, and then tap the green Payments icon.
  3. Set up your payment account (only the first time) and then enter the amount you want to send.
  4. Tap Pay, and then add your debit card.
  5. Watch the amount of money you sent rain down on the screen.

To receive money:

  1. Open the conversation from your friend.
  2. Tap Add Card in the message, add your debit card and set up your payment account to accept money for the first time.
  3. The money you send is transferred right away. It may take one to three business days to make the money available to the recipient, depending on their bank, just as it does with other deposits.

The social network added in its blog post, “We asked people in France and the U.K. when they wished they could send money to someone in the moment. The top reasons for sending money include celebrations, social events and festive occasions. It’s those everyday moments we’re trying to make a little easier. We’ve seen that in the U.S., most people use payments in Messenger to send less than $50 at a time, and sending money in Messenger has become a part of everyday life for many.”

Facebook also reassured users about security, writing, “Messenger uses people’s authentic identities so you know who you’re talking to. And when it comes to payments, we take extra steps for your protection: All debit card credentials are encrypted and protected with bank-level security, our world-class anti-fraud specialists monitor payments and, in the rare case that we find unauthorized activity on your account, we’ll work with you to secure your account again. Plus, since payments in Messenger use debit cards, as with any other debit-card payment, if you see unauthorized charges, you have recourse with your bank. Finally, Messenger payments are offered as a regulated payment service, meaning that they’re directly subject to consumer protection requirements.”

Finally, users in France can now tap suggestions from M not only for help with payments, but also for assistance in choosing stickers, sharing location, starting polls in group conversations or expressing birthday wishes.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.