Facebook Messenger Platform 2.4 Added Customization to Its Customer Chat Plugin

Developers can control when it appears and when it is hidden

Messenger Platform 2.4 was released Friday Facebook

Facebook Friday announced the release of Messenger Platform 2.4, highlighted by new customization options for its Customer Chat Plugin.

Alex Muramoto, a developer advocate for Messenger Platform, shared details on its updates in a blog post.

Muramoto wrote that in response to developers’ requests for more customization options for the Customer Chat Plugin, Facebook added a Customer Chat SDK (software-development kit) to its JavaScript SDK, enabling developers to:

  • Show the plugin at the most appropriate point of the user flow in their applications by controlling when it appears and when it is hidden.
  • Control when the welcome dialog appears or is hidden.
  • Customize the greeting text dynamically to personalize it for users or better integrate it into pages on their sites where the Customer Chat Plugin is opened.
  • Programmatically set the “ref” that is passed during webhook events to better pass usage details, such as where the user was in the flow when they opted in vial the plugin.

Muramoto also revealed changes to the Broadcast API, which enables developers to send non-promotional messages to all users or segmented group with a single API call, as well as to the handover protocol, the Send to Messenger Plugin and Messenger Insights. Further details are available in the blog post.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.