Facebook Messenger Takes a Big Hit as Peter Martinazzi Leaves the Company

The director of product management had been with the social network since 2009

Messenger Day turned out to be the parting shot for director of product management Peter Martinazzi, who has left Facebook.

The social network had not yet responded to a request for comment, but a spokesperson told Josh Constine of TechCrunch:

Peter is so well loved; he’s off to travel the world.

And vice president of messaging products David Marcus wrote, as quoted by Constine:

When I got to Facebook two-and-a-half years ago, Peter was running all of product for Messenger, and he already had a solid reputation across the company for hardcore execution skills and amazing product chops.

Conventional wisdom is that you learn from older people who’ve had more experience. In this specific case, though, I know for a fact that I learned more from Peter than he learned from me.

Martinazzi had been with Facebook since 2009.

Image courtesy of Peter Martinazzi’s Facebook profile.