UPDATED: Facebook Messenger Gets Native Camera, ‘Superpowers’

Facebook vice president of messaging products David Marcus announced the official launch of a native camera for Messenger with a plethora of extra effects.

Facebook vice president of messaging products David Marcus announced the official launch of a native camera for Messenger with a plethora of extra effects.

Marcus revealed the launch in a Facebook post, saying that “superpowers” that will begin launching Thursday include 3-D masks, style transfers, other art, frames, stickers and a canvas.

Product manager Peter Martinazzi provided more details on the new features in a Newsroom post, saying that the new features will roll out globally “over the coming days.”

Martinazzi said the shutter button will appear in the center of the screen, and users can tap it for photos or press down on it for videos.

He also detailed the “superpowers” mentioned by Marcus:

We’re also introducing a place to find new art and special effects. We are especially excited to debut 3-D masks and special effects, which make it super easy to apply an artistic filter to your full-screen photo and to turn your world into a work of art. Try them out–you can take a selfie and transform into a reindeer, or play with falling snow, or even just ask someone how they are doing–it’s the perfect way to spread a little happiness in your messages.

We’ve also added thousands of stickers, frames, masks and effects to choose from, too–and you can personalize exactly how you use it. We’ve worked with artists and influencers all over the world, and these artists have added their own touch to the customization tools you can now use in Messenger.

And there’s more: Unique to Messenger, we’ve also created a place where you can make your text messages even more fun. Check out the palette icon by the shutter and it will take you to a blank canvas where you can add art and stickers to your text. We’re making it super easy to add more delight to the conversations you’re having about what you’re doing, how you’re feeling and the plans you are making.

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He wrote:

With this update, we’re making Messenger a way more visual messaging platform for everyone, and we’re excited to hear what you think.

These new capabilities are starting to roll out globally today–we’ve been having a lot of fun with them in the past few days–and here’s some content we created. Now it’s your turn to try it out. Enjoy!

Messenger users: Thoughts?

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