Facebook Slips The Marketplace Application Into Users' Bookmarks

Last month Facebook and Oodle relaunched the Facebook classifieds product. Over the past day or so the application has witnessed a surge in traffic as Facebook moved the application into users’ application bookmarks by default. The result was that 60,000 additional users visited the application yesterday, but so far none of those users appear to be happy.

So far hundreds of users have submitted negative reviews about the sudden visibility of the application. It appears that rather than not liking the application, the users are more angered about the apparent violation of their default bookmark settings. This promotion is also subtle in that it doesn’t have any sort of announcement in contrast to last year’s CBS Sports promotion that users and developers lashed out against.

At the end of the day Facebook can make any changes to their system which favors one application or another but users still have a right to feel violated. It evokes similar emotions to those experienced when arriving at your computer only to find your desktop and application icons completely rearranged.

What’s amazing is how passionate some of these users are about the apparent violation by Facebook. It would begin to suggest that users are actually taking note of their default settings in a way that mimics their computer operating system settings. Mess with those settings and you end up with confused and frustrated users.

I’ve reached out to Facebook for comment and will be sure to update this post when I hear back. Has the Marketplace application appeared in your application bookmarks? So far all people I’ve spoken with say that it displays in their bookmarks and in the toolbar as well. Thanks to R. Goodside for the tip via the AllFacebook.com public profile.

We’ve received the following statement from Facebook: “As part of the launch of Facebook Marketplace powered by Oodle, we restored the Marketplace bookmark to users who either previously used the original application or had a bookmark to it. Users can edit what appears as a bookmark by going to their ‘Application Settings’ menu.”