Facebook Marketing Showcase: Athletic Apparel Brands Make a Play on Facebook

Similar to other clothing retailers, the athletic apparel industry stands to make gains through Facebook marketing thanks to its enthusiastic built-in fan base, connection to real life events and celebrities, and broad overlap with Facebook’s young adult audiences in consumer economies.

In this week’s Facebook Marketing Showcase, we’ll be looking at some of the major sports apparel brands on Facebook.


Originally formed in 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, the relationship between the two brothers deteriorated until the two parted ways in 1948, forming Puma (Rudolf) and Adidas (Adolf). The brand sponsors many high-profile footballers, and employs almost ten thousand people worldwide.

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Puma

Overview: Puma favors the Wall over a landing page but otherwise utilizes four customized tabs to enhance the user experience. The Page is fairly well-engaged with each update receiving hundreds of Likes and a good number of comments.

Customized Page Tabs: 4 – PUMAVision (news, photos, video, products and mailing list), PUMA Rocket Race (app), PUMA Social Club (content for Brazilian readers) and PUMA Group (business information).

Likes: 5,859,455

Like Accumulation: 3,000/week

Fan Reward/Incentive For Liking The Page? No

Does The Page Support Check-Ins? No

Update Frequency: 12-16 posts per week

Can Fans Post On The Page Wall? Yes

Is The Page Moderated? Some spam is visible in Post comments and on the Wall

This is an excerpt from the first post in a series of profiles on Facebook Pages by company and product category. For the complete profiles article, including coverage of Nike, Adidas Football, Reebok, and New Balance, plus more strategies for Page marketing on Facebook, check out the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s comprehensive guide to marketing, promotion, and advertising on Facebook.