Facebook Marketing Partners Content Marketing Specialty Is Now Creative Platforms

'Over time, industry labels and terms change, and we want our terminology to reflect that'

The Facebook Marketing Partners program announced Monday that it renamed its Content Marketing specialty to Creative Platforms.

Creative Platform Partners are split into three categories:

  • Marketplaces: These partners connect marketers with networks of writers, directors, video editors and other creatives.
  • User-Generated Content: These partners facilitate the acquiring of rights to consumer images and videos from social channels.
  • Personalization: These partners enable large-scale creation of personalized or custom video based on CRM (customer-relationship management) signals or other inputs.

The social network explained its reasoning behind the name change in a blog post:

Content Marketing will now be called Creative Platforms. This change reflects a more accurate representation of what our partners do, and it is intended to give marketers a clearer understanding of the capabilities available to them.

Over time, industry labels and terms change, and we want our terminology to reflect that. Today, Content Marketing typically refers to a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience. The content usually includes things like articles, infographics, e-books and long form video.

By contrast, our partners from this category provide marketers with technology that helps them source, enhance or manage video and image assets. They provide platforms that help marketers work with creative assets, which are different than Content Marketing.