Facebook Marketing Partner SocialCode hires Jenna Bilotta as Head of Product Design


SocialCode, a Facebook Marketing Partner, announced Thursday the hire of former Google product designer Jenna Bilotta as Head of Product Design.

Most recently, Bilotta was the Founder and Chief Product Officer of Avocado Software, with whom SocialCode also entered a licensing agreement.

Prior to starting Avocado in January 2012, Bilotta was the Senior User Experience Designer for YouTube for roughly a year, and held the same position with Google for nearly four years.

Laura O’Shaughnessy, SocialCode’s Co-Founder and CEO, welcomed Bilotta:

We’re delighted to welcome Jenna and our new hires from Avocado’s engineering team to establish SocialCode’s first mobile development group. This expansion gives SocialCode an advantage in developing better mobile advertising experiences for consumers, along with more beautiful and useful ads tools for our Fortune 500 brand partners.

With YouTube, Bilotta worked on sharing, live streaming, and account authentication. She also focused on GMail and Google Reader with Google.

Bilotta discussed what she, and other members from Avocado Software can bring to SocialCode:

We’re excited to be part of SocialCode. This is an incredible opportunity to bring simple, elegant design to advertising tools that often don’t get that kind of attention. We’re going to deliver more world-class insight by making a better experience for advertisers everywhere.

The new mobile team from Avocado will develop SocialCode’s first social content analytics prototype by the end of the year. The first app will bring SocialCode’s MessageOptics content analysis software to mobile.