Facebook Managing Risk with New Exec Daniel Levy

The latest recruit to the Facebook camp is Daniel Levy, who has been named the company’s new director of risk management, reports VentureBeat. Holding senior positions at Paypal in his previous roles, Levy will have a focus on finance with his new job for managing risk at Facebook.

This is important for protecting the advertising revenue that Facebook receives from its ever-growing network. Given the modifications we’ve seen in recent weeks alone, the protection of Facebook’s advertising stream is vital right now. From new advertising methods and increased placement, there is a great deal of risk to be managed when it comes to Facebook and its ad network alone.

VentureBeat also reports that Facebook may hire another eBay employee Greg Isaacs to replace Benjamin Ling‘s former position as Facebook’s marketing leader for the company’s platform. Earlier this year, Ling left Facebook to become the director of Platforms and Syndications over at YouTube. The marketing and branding of Facebook’s platform is likely an integral aspect of Facebook’s overall growth, with deep connections back to the company’s advertising platform as well.

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