Facebook Makes Photo Tagging Easier

Photo tagging has gotten easier on Facebook, and it couldn't have happened at a better time: the site averages 100 million tags per day.

Photo tagging is getting a much needed improvement on Facebook, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time: the site averages 100 million tags per day.

That number could go up with Facebook’s new tagging suggestions feature, coming out in the next few weeks starting with members in the U.S. The preview screenshot tells that proverbial 1,000 words:

You can already see how much easier photo tagging will get — no more keying in the same names over and over again.

Facial recognition software akin to what you might find in Photoshop will compare newly uploaded images with those already tagged on the site. (Are you reminded of Facebook’s bid to put a trademark on the word “Face?”)

Along with this will come the ability to opt out of tagging suggestions. A forthcoming privacy setting will include the option to choose whether you want Facebook to suggest you when your friends are in the process of tagging photos. If you click “no,” then people can only tag you by manually inputting your name.

Regardless of which privacy setting you choose, your name can only get tagged on photos uploaded by people on your friend list. Facebook says that’s been the case all along, but I could swear I’ve seen an exception: If you’re tagged by a friend and subsequently get unfriended during a tiff, the tag might remain if you have friends in common.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that exception via email:

The tag remains even if you have unfriended someone. You may either block the person or remove the tag. Keep in mind, you’ll always be able to see photos you’ve been tagged in, but all other photo privacy is restricted to whatever the owner of the photo has set it to.

Readers, what do you think of the new and improved photo tagging promised by Facebook?

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