“Facebook + Games” Equals a New Effort by Facebook to Communicate With Game Industry

In the latest sign that Facebook is trying to win over social game developers, the company has just launched a Page called Facebook + Games. There are no posts up yet, but the Page description says that it’s going to be focused on industry issues.

Today we’re launching Facebook + Games, a page created for the games partner and business community. Expect to hear the latest on the Facebook Platform games ecosystem and social gaming innovation, directly from the Facebook Games Partnerships Team.

Facebook has had a long road to travel with social game developers, particularly following reductions in viral channels last year, and its drawn-out efforts to make its Credits virtual currency the mandatory method of in-app payment across the platform.

It has made overtures to the development community on various fronts, including a program to make the platform more hospitable, called “Operation Developer Love,” which launched last fall — the goal was to increase everything from bugs to improving documentation and sharing plans more often ahead of time.

We’ll keep an eye on the Facebook + Games page for further developments. In the meantime, catch up on our Road to Credits series.