Facebook Makes List of Most Trusted Companies

As an important sign of the times, Facebook has been named by TRUSTe and the Ponemon Institue, an organization “dedicated to advancing responsible information and privacy management practices,” as one of the 20 most trusted companies in America.

“Concern about privacy is higher than ever, the survey showed. Less than half of consumers – 45 percent – feel they have control over their personal information. That’s down from 48 percent last year and 56 percent in 2006,” the SF Chronicle reports.

As Facebook becomes a more central communication tool for over 140 million people around the world, those users are placing a very high degree of trust in Facebook to manage their privacy well. For its part, Facebook has implemented robust privacy controls over the last year that give users the ability to set privacy rules to a very granular level.

The presence of those controls, combined with Facebook’s aggressive response to security issues, seems to have earned Facebook a lot of trust so far.