Facebook Makes Apps More Animated

This morning Facebook announced that they are adding a Javascript animation suite for all Facebook developers. Given that Facebook uses FBJS instead of standard Javascript, they decided to develop their own library from scratch. After a few months of testing, the library is ready for public use.

As described in the animation wiki page, the new animation features are relatively robust. For those familiar with the scriptaculous library (as well as prototype), this new FBJS suite will appear familiar. The new library enables developers to modify page CSS, change the duration of animations and more. I think this new feature will be welcomed by developers.

As usual though when new features arrive, they tend to get overused. Just as the classic Javascript lightbox became overused within web design, I would imagine that these new animation features will become overused by application developers. If you see signs of this beginning to occur feel free to update us via the comments on this post or shoot us an email. If you’d like to learn more about adding animation to your applications, check out the wiki page.