Facebook Localizes Applications

On Friday, Facebook made an announcement that they would begin providing applications with the option to select what language they are written in. It will allow for users to more effectively find applications that are written in their native language. While the announcement did not say it, this suggests that there may be an updated application directory which enables users to browse through applications by language.

If accurate, this may mean that we will begin to see a more effectively targeted application directory. Given that there are now close to 28,000 applications, this will be a much appreciated update. Facebook has failed to update the design of their application directory since the launch over 1 year ago, making it difficult for many applications to be found. This has most definitely contributed to user application fatigue and will continue to do so until updates are made.

As the platform continues to transform over the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see how the updates contribute to or prohibit viral distribution.