Facebook Live Feed Widget Becomes Permanent Fixture For the Oscars

Last night Facebook announced a new Live Feed implementation which connects E! Online, Variety, Bollywood sites Zoom and Saavn for the Oscars, and numerous other sites. The new implementation is similar to previous implementations that we saw with CNN, TNT, and Israeli news station Nana10. There’s one core difference with this implementation, which is that the same feed is accessible across multiple sites.

Facebook has also set up the Live Feed fan page which includes something that appears to be a permanent version of the live feed widget that I previously wrote about. That means that you can now embed the livefeed back within your Firefox sidebar byfollowing this link.

Facebook has been implementing the live feed widget on numerous sites and as I’ve mentioned numerous times, we’ll probably continue to see this service rolled out across numerous sites. The current implementation updates the “Everyone” tab with the status of anybody that is using the widget to talk about the Oscars. This makes me wonder if Facebook will regularly update their “Live Feed” fan page with the most recent Live Feed implementation.

There are numerous other sites that will be including the LiveFeed widget for the Oscars. Ted Leonsis‘ private project SnagFilms and recently acquired indieWIRE will also be participating along with CBS TheInsider, CineVegas, Flixster, Jaman, and Saavn. There will most likely be a few other sites to come in the near future. I’ve embedded the widget below so you can see what it looks like.

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