Facebook Listens to the Blogosphere

There has been a ton of buzz surrounding Beacon over the past couple weeks. Last night I briefly ranted about Facebook not responding to the noise. Initially, they may have perceived it as only being chatter among bloggers. As soon as I heard that brands were beginning to become hesitant about advertising on Facebook due to the negative PR, I realized that the issue had spilled over into the mainstream.

I agree with Dave McClure who said that Facebook didn’t need to add a button that completely blocks Beacon. I disagree with Dave when he suggests that everyone is just going to completely opt-out of Beacon completely resulting in a lack of newsfeed stories. Regardless, Facebook has caved to the loud mouthed minority.

Is this a bad thing? Not really. They have completely squashed the issue. The blogosphere will stop talking about the Beacon disaster within a week and most users on Facebook will not have heard about it. Smart move by Facebook. I’m glad that they made the changes.

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