Facebook Like Box Now Telling Users "F U"

Apparently someone at Facebook thought it would be funny to change the company’s like box to say “F u”, overwriting Facebook’s default statement of “you like this” to “F u like this” using the Facebook logo. It’s barely noticeable, however it’s now happening to all like boxes around the web. It has been happening last night, and while we’re not quite sure why it’s happening, it’s most definitely a mistake on Facebook’s part.

I’m sure that the error will be reverted back within the next few hours but it’s definitely a funny mistake to say the least. I’m sure there will be somebody out there who’s also offended by the bug. We’re not sure who made the change but it’s definitely not a random fluke. Someone at Facebook (or a hacker who has figured out a way to manipulate the system) has changed the Facebook like box and now every page that has it on the site is telling people “F U” the moment a visitor arrives to the page and clicks “Like”.

Did you notice this bug as well?