Facebook Lexicon visualizes conversation trends on Facebook

Facebook today announced the launch of Facebook Lexicon, a visualization tool reminiscent of Google Trends. Just as Google Trends measures and compares search query volume across multiple terms, Facebook Lexicon shows how frequently your search terms appear in Facebook Wall conversations over time.

Lexicon only counts profile, group, and event Wall conversations – it doesn’t count messages, chats, or application activity (feed items, notifications, or invitations). Facebook’s Roddy Lindsay also says that, “No human at Facebook ever reads these Wall posts.”

Unlike Google Trends, however, Facebook Lexicon doesn’t allow filtering by geographic region (a bit more complex in the Facebook environment, since the user’s IP may not always match their geographic region).

Facebook Lexicon will be a great way to get near-real time stats on the buzz surrounding current events. It should be a very valuable tool for the PR community!