Facebook Lets You Tag Nonfriends In Comments (UPDATED)

Now you can embellish Facebook comments with linked tags to people who aren't your friends.

Now you can embellish Facebook comments with linked tags to people who aren’t your friends.

A new post on the Facebook + Journalists page clarifies how this works:

Heads up to those using subscribe on your profiles: Now you as the owner of a post can tag non-friends in the comments thread of your public posts, which will make dialogue easier. When you tag the user, they will be notified that you responded to their comment. Right now this feature is only available on profiles.

Facebook continues to refine these linked tags, which one can put in one’s comments or status updates by typing the @ sign immediately before the name in question.

Recently, the site had temporarily removed the ability to tag pages within status updates and comments, but we noticed that this has returned, perhaps as part of the ability to tag nonfriends.

The ability to tag nonfriends seems to make the most sense when you are commenting on a friend’s wall post and would like to get the attention of one of their friends who you don’t have on your own contact list yet.

Tagging people and pages send notifications to them — or the administrators, in the case of pages — so that they can respond to the tag. This helps foster dialogue on the site.

Readers, how often do you tag people or pages in status updates, comments, wall posts and captions — would having the ability to tag nonfriends increase your usage of this feature?

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