Facebook Lets You Mark Friend Requests with “Not Now,” then Decide on Them Later

Facebook is adding a new option to how people friend each other, trying to limit unwanted social behavior.

Now, when someone adds you as a friend, you can mark “Not Now,” thereby relegating their request to a separate menu called “Hidden Requests.” You can then confirm the person later in this menu, if you want, and in the meantime they’ll just see that they’re “awaiting friend confirmation” from you in the interface. Just as when you choose to not accept a friend request, they will not be notified when you give them this new designation.

Facebook says it is also trying to refine how it prohibits overly aggressive friending through the feature. If you hide then delete a request, you’ll have the option to mark that you don’t know the person. This will block that person from trying to friend you in the future.