Facebook Lets Users Modify Existing Ads

-Edit Ad Icon-One of the most needed features for Facebook Ads is now finally available as of this weekend: you can edit existing advertisements. According to Facebook, “you can now edit your ad’s text, image, and targeting” from the Ads Manager. Modifications to your advertisements will temporarily pause them until the changes have been approved by the ads team. I’m honestly amazed that it has taken this long but Facebook has been making a number of upgrades over the past few weeks so it’s not surprising to see these improvements now.

Facebook has also made some subtle changes to their ads reporting tool. You can now select specific date ranges for reports in addition to the format of the report (which now includes “HTML”). Facebook has been pushing out features regularly over the past couple weeks including time scheduling, multi-country support, and keyword suggestions. I’m guessing that we will continue to see Facebook improve their ad platform. One feature that I think would seriously boost revenue is the ability to control multiple campaigns with a single click.

There are many other improvements but it’s clear Facebook wants to improve the ad system to help the overall advertiser experience. If advertising is also not going to grow as quickly as hoped as last week’s eMarketer report suggested, subtle improvements could help give Facebook an additional boost. For now these are much welcomed improvements and I hope to see more in the near future.

Are there any improvements that you would like to see for Facebook’s advertising platform?