Facebook Lends Page Admins a Hand

Facebook has begun testing a new way of helping Page administrators launch their Pages this week by show them right from the start different ways to interact with their Pages.

Essentially, a welcome Page greets them and begins giving them tips on how to best use the Page. For example, it encourages them to post a status update and sync the account to their cell phone or Twitter account. We’ve written about syncing Facebook to Twitter before.

This move seems to be aimed towards smaller businesses and organizations using Facebook, Pages that make up the bulk of a social media strategy. Even as Facebook Page management companies such as Context Optional or Buddy Media continue to see growth in the work they do for large organizations with several Pages across dozens of countries, the smaller guys may not always have the luxury of employing their services.

We’ve written extensively about how Page administrators can get the most out of their Facebook Pages in the Inside Facebook Marketing Bible.

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