Facebook Launching With Google Friend Connect

Google has made its official announcement about Friend Connect, the service launching at tonight’s Google Campfire event. According to the press release, Google Friend Connect enables “any website owner can add a snippet of code to his or her site and get social features up and running immediately without programming — picking and choosing from built-in functionality like user registration, invitations, members gallery, message posting, and reviews, as well as third-party applications built by the OpenSocial developer community.”

Members of Friend Connect include Facebook, Google Talk, hi5, orkut, Plaxo, and more. Yes, you heard that right, Facebook is one of the launch partners with Friend Connect.

Read more at the Social Times.

Just got off the Google conference call and apparently Facebook isn’t affiliated with this announcement. I’m not sure why they put it on the press release and it’s interesting that both companies are calling their program “Connect”.

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