Facebook Launching Updated Inbox

This afternoon Facebook announced that they are launching an updated version of their inbox. Finally! So what changes are coming to the inbox? A few things. The greatest improvement is the ability to filter through those messages that have been unread. Facebook Page updates will also get their own tab, which is surprising since it had previously appeared as though the company was reducing the emphasis on Page updates.

Facebook said that the new version of the inbox will be rolled out over the coming weeks. Facebook also states that “The new Inbox design gives you more control over organizing messages and choosing which messages you receive.” Unfortunately the screenshot that they provide in the inbox doesn’t illustrate what sort of controls Facebook is talking about. One of the weakest features of Facebook has been its inbox so I’m excited to see the new version. Hopefully this will make the system more manageable as I now have almost 1700 unread messages.

When Scott Marlette mentions that Facebook will give you more control over your inbox, it appears that he is referencing subscriptions to groups and Pages. Right now I get countless event and group messages which essentially fill up my inbox. I eagerly await the latest version of the inbox. One feature which Facebook doesn’t appear to be focused on is the ability to export messages.

It would be great if I could manage my Facebook inbox from within my email inbox. Offering that capability appears seriously unlikely though. Have you found the Facebook inbox to be unmanageable? Do you think this is a sufficient upgrade?