Facebook Launching SocialAds Network November 6th

Whether or not it was strategically planned to be the day after Google’s big announcement, Mark Zuckerberg will be announcing the launch of Facebook’s new advertising system on November 6th. I have spoken with at least one individual who’s company was invited to the event. According to advertising industry insiders, information about users’ relationships can be used to target them on the site and off of the site.

I have been hearing for months that the ad system would be unveiled at the Ad Tech event in New York early next month. The rumor appears to have been true given that the announcement falls right in the middle of the event. This news comes days after Facebook released an unannounced upgrade to their Flyers system, enabling users to view demographic data within the site. Interestingly, Facebook recently filed a trademark for “SocialAds” just last month. This ad network is one of a number of features that has been rumored over the past few months.

It appears as though this is finally taking place next month. Also rumored to be launching in the coming months is an advanced analytics package and e-commerce features for the Facebook platform. There are a number of other features that Facebook plans on launching but it looks as though they are beginning to ramp up to become more than just a social network. It also looks like the dream of psychographic and/or behavioral ad targeting may finally become a reality.

Adage is reporting the same thing. It is definitely going to be interesting to hear the details once the new ad system launches.