Facebook Launching Marketplace API

Marketplace APIWhile it hasn’t been documented yet, a quick look at the Facebook API Test Console shows four new methods related to the Facebook marketplace. While none of the methods allow posting to marketplace, it’s definitely an added feature. The four new methods are:

  • marketplace.getCategories – returns an array of all available categories
  • marketplace.getSubCategories – returns an array of subcategories
  • marketplace.getListings – returns an individual listing or a group of listing depending on the arguments passed
  • marketplace.search – returns an array of listings

As Trey Philips points out, none of these methods are useful for developers to make money. Without the ability to post, I don’t think that this really succeeds at leveraging the marketplace. It’s pretty cool to see added integration with other Facebook brand applications though. This still leaves me wondering when a groups API is going to launch.