Facebook launches verified pages and profiles to help users identify authentic accounts

Facebook today announced the launch of verified pages and profiles, which will make it easier for users to find official fan pages and accounts for top brands, celebrities, government officials and other public figures.

Like on Twitter, verified accounts on Facebook will be denoted with a small blue icon with a checkmark in it. It will appear next to the user or page’s name on their Timeline, in search results and elsewhere around Facebook.

For now, users and page owners cannot request to have their accounts verified. Instead, Facebook is proactively verifying the pages and profiles with the largest audiences.

Although Twitter has had verified accounts for years, Facebook did not publicly indicate which pages or profiles were official until now. The social network did begin authenticating accounts with a lot of subscribers last year, leading those accounts to appear more often in “People To Subscribe To” recommendations on the site, but there was no visual indication that a profile was official.

The company appears to be preparing for another push to get celebrities on the platform by expanding its strategic partner development team to build relationships with athletes, musicians and other entertainers. Facebook is also likely to be incorporating hashtags into its service in the near future.

Although users cannot request to get their page or profile verified, Facebook says they can report other pages or profiles that impersonate them.