Facebook Launches Translations for Everybody

Translations Screenshot

Want to help Facebook translate their site into over 20 languages? Now you can! While it’s not in every language (still missing Hebrew and perhaps a few others), the applications is now available to the general public. Previously the application was invite only. Some have suggested that this mean an imminent launch in multiple other languages. While the time frame is unknown, Facebook has been successful at launching in French, German and Spanish all in the first quarter.

Perhaps Facebook is aiming to have the site completely translated in every application by the end of the second quarter. There are over 15,000 phrases that need to be translated. In the languages that have been approved, there have been between 2,800 and 4,300 translators for each language. Facebook has now released the application for everybody after successfully testing out in their first three languages.

This is an exciting time for Facebook as their growth has continued and they are now expanding internationally. According to many charts, Facebook has now overtaken MySpace domestically, now they just have the rest of the world to conquer! If you are interested in translating Facebook into other languages, check out the Facebook translations application.