Facebook Launches to All Germany, Not U.S.

One of my German readers sent me a message earlier this morning notifying me that all German users now have access to Facebook chat. If you are into reading German feel free to check out his blog post. For those of us in the U.S. that aren’t fortunate to be in one of the existing networks with chat, we will have to resort to getting a sneak peak of Facebook chat.

Not sure why they decided to open up to Germany users but then again, Germany only accounts for around 400,000 users whereas all the U.S. networks amount to millions. German is also one of the initial languages that Facebook translated into so chat can already be displayed. Does this mean that France and Spain can soon expect chat to launch in their networks as well? Possibly!

It appears that Facebook is rolling out their chat slowly and testing scalability. I would guess that we will see them launch fully within the next month or two once they have tested their servers with tens of millions of users.