Facebook Launches Timeline in New Zealand, Broader Rollout to Follow

Facebook has announced that its beginning the rollout of Timeline to users starting in New Zealand. Previously, the new interface was only available to developers.

Timeline is a redesign of the user profile that organizes all activity chronologically, with newest content appearing on top and older content being rolled into expandable month and year categories. Based on user activity and preferences, certain activities in Timeline receive more prominent placement — with bigger boxes or expanded Comments sections denoting an event that the user has designated as Highlighted or that Facebook has algorithmically determined to be of importance to the user (e.g. weddings, photos from a high school graduation, etc.).

After making Timeline available to the developer community, Facebook began experimenting with organization changes — for example, recently grouping social game high score stories under a single Games box, or recently read articles under a News box. The Maps feature also recently added location tags for photo albums.

Facebook says that over a million people have signed up for Timeline. Once live, users will have a period of time in which to curate older content for their Timeline, removing or filtering content that they may not want readily visible (e.g. college frat part photos, old relationship status updates, etc.). Facebook will also be exercising an approvals process for Open Graph apps that use Timeline, similar to what Apple practices on its App Store, to prevent spam applications from cluttering up the new user profile experience.

Read our Timeline walkthrough for more information.

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