Facebook Launches Stories To Celebrate 500 Million Users

To celebrate 500 million users, Facebook has launched a new product called “Facebook Stories”. The product, which was designed and conceptualized by the team over at JESS3 and powered by Involver, lists the stories of Facebook users that have been impacted by Facebook. The company has been posting stories on their blog in recent months, however this tool is a platform that lets anybody share their Facebook stories.

In a personal video to Facebook users, Mark Zuckerberg thanks everyone for starting a movement. Also included with the announcement what a portfolio of thank you messages from employees, something that we first wrote about on Friday. While Facebook has been preparing to announce the 500 million milestone for close to two months now, it became pretty clear that the announcement was impending.
The real question now is: when will Facebook hit 1 billion users? We’re currently projecting the company to reach 1 billion active members in 2012. While it’s an ambitious goal, Facebook is one of a couple of sites that can state such grand ambitions. If you want to view the new Facebook stories product, you can view it here. Additionally you can view the video from Mark Zuckerberg below.