@Facebook Launching Status Tagging for All Users Today

Last week, Facebook announced that it was launching “status tagging,” a new way to tag friends, Pages, groups, and events in status updates much like mentions on @twitter work. Now, the feature is live for all users.

Here’s how it works: when writing a status update in the publisher, you can tag connections by using the “@” operator to select any friend, Page, group, or event in a dropdown menu. When a connection is tagged, its name is automatically linked, and your post also shows up on their wall. When you’re tagged, a notification is sent to you as well, and you can remove tags of yourself in others’ posts. It’s a very engaging and powerful way to include friends and connections in status updates.

It’s important to note that Facebook is enabling status tagging for all of a user’s Facebook connections – not just friends, but Pages, groups, and events as well. This means Page managers will now have a major new channel for tracking comments and feedback about their brand or business.

Until today, brands have been able to track posts and comments made on their Facebook Page directly by fans, as well as search public comments made by Facebook users through Facebook’s new real time search. However, starting today, all @ tags will appear on the wall of the Page as well, even though users never visited the Page. That’s a big deal for Page administrators hoping to gain more insight into how they’re being talked about inside Facebook.