Facebook Launches Statistics for Developers

Last night Facebook announced a new stats page for developers. The new statistics are nothing to brag about. The only additional information that is being displayed is the total number of adds, removes, blocks and unblocks from the previous day. Additionally you can view the status returns of each page request. All of these things are statistics that developers should be tracking internally anyways.

While the new statistics are extremely limited, it does show Facebook’s intention to eventually display more detailed statistics. What would be nice to see is some sort of advanced analytics that displays demographic information for each page being viewed. I’ve been hearing that Facebook is going to release an analytics package around the same time that they launch their new advertising platform. Analytics are going to be critical to the success of their advertising platform. Google has been successful with detailed analytics. It is now time for Facebook to show that they can provide more detailed analytics based on detailed demographic information, especially if they are going to be considered a 10 or 15 billion dollar company.

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