Facebook Launches Sports Topic Page, Begins Promoting College Basketball

Having launched a number of popular, official topic pages already, Facebook has another one out today: Sports. It promises to provide periodic status updates about sports, as you might guess — as well as highlight ways other companies are using Pages, Connect and other Facebook services to reach users.

And since the March Madness college basketball “March Madness” tournaments are starting now, that sport is currently receiving the most attention on the page. A “College” tab on it currently shows the fan pages for numerous colleges and their mascots. This way, Facebook can help funnel fans to Pages they may have wanted to join but hadn’t known about.

The new Page has already mentioned the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team’s big winning streak, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s big new video site for the tournament.

Facebook’s other official topics Pages includes one for celebrities, which has 2.54 million fans.