Facebook Launches Social Jobs App, It’s ‘Not A Linkedin Killer’

“Not a Linkedin killer” is about the nicest thing anyone could think of to say about Facebook’s new social jobs partnership, which lets members search job postings from Monster, BranchOut, Work4Labs, US.jobs, and Jobvite.

Josh Bersin, writing on Forbes, said that the new app is “a fairly poorly implemented search system which doesn’t even come close to the services offered by LinkedIn or Indeed.com.” “I don’t think Facebook put a lot of energy into this ‘partnership,'” he added.

Former HR guy Lance Haun had some even harsher words: “If I were Facebook, I would quietly remove the server that hosts the application, toss it into San Francisco Bay and start over, never to speak a word of it again.”

The search is indeed a bit tricky (to say the least). And confusing. See below:

Using Facebook’s app to search Monster jobs for “PR” in Washington, DC yields zero results (click to enlarge):

Yet performing the same (or a very similar, in any case) search on Monster.com yields plenty (click to enlarge):

Believe it or not, getting zero results is actually an improvement over what some people were seeing; Haun searched for HR jobs in California and was given results for restaurant jobs in Great Britain. So seen from that light, getting nothing is fairly good.

As folks are saying, this half-baked effort isn’t going to destroy LinkedIn for now, but if Facebook took the time to put together a seriously killer aggregation engine, then with its huge user base, watch out world.