Facebook Launches Privacy Controls For Applications

This afternoon Facebook announced a new set of controls which enable users to “personalize the audience for each piece of content [they] share through applications”. The new controls will be displayed when users are prompted to publish information from within applications. While the new privacy settings do not appear to extend to the applications dashboard, this is a step toward giving users more control over information published by apps.

The new settings function the same as they would for the content publisher. Simply select from the drop-down who you would like to have your content visible to. It gives users complete control of their content on Facebook. Unfortunately there are still remaining privacy issues surrounding applications, as the company has yet to educate all users about the new applications dashboard effectively, but it’s clear the company is moving in the right direction.

Granular privacy settings are a central component of Facebook and giving users control over the information they share is what has attracted more than 400 million users. Users win once they have control over all information they share online. Fortunately for users, Facebook has now granted privacy control to one more channel responsible for new personal content creation.

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